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Gol Mol Bol- Music Included

Compiled by Pridhee

Illustrated by Abhilash (@Headless Hippies)

Music by Ramya Shankar

Age Group: 0-4 years

Enjoy the old Hindi rhymes (with new music) like akkad bakkad, aloo kachalu from your childhood days and share them with your little ones! Includes english transliteration to help older children read and a special central pop up for the children to enjoy.

Music Included - fun to sing along with your little ones.​

Book Related Activities:
Help your little one increase their vocabulary and enjoy learning Hindi by singing these nursery rhymes along with music in a fun way!

For children 4 and above, who can read english using phonics, can attempt reading the English transliteration of the Hindi script to build confidence in reading Hindi books.


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